Book to movie wishlist tag

Hi guys!

I decided it was by far time for me to do my first book tag. I decided to do the “Book to movie tag” that I found over at Dreamlandbookblog and I thought it would be a really fun tag to do!

When I finish a book I often go and think about how it should be made into a movie. I really love theater and filmmaking so I think up all the special effects and how the important scenes should be made “just right” up in my head.

In this tag I am to choose five books/series that I would like to be made into movies and explain why.


The Selection series by Kiera Cass

I have not yet had the chance to talk about my love for this series. But now! My my! Here we are! I read The Selection series last year and I fell IN LOVE!! I know that many actually don’t like America or Kiera Cass writing in general but I ADORE her work! I think that she is BRILLIANT! But back to why this should be made into a movie.. I think the storyline would fit really well in a movie. The romantic fairytale story, the costumes, the castle and of course the beautiful/hot characters! If this series was filmed the right way, it would be HEAVEN!! 


Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

Even though I have yet to finish this series (and several books has yet to be published) I would LOVE to see this series come to life! The magic fairytale world with good and evil would be amazing in a movie. I kind of really want Tim Burton to make the movies. To see how he would twist the story and make the world into a twisted fairytale. Or if I could just get a few Harry Potter level movies based on this book I would be happy! Is that too much to ask?


Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne 

This book is one of my absolute all time favorites! Therefore I really don’t get why there isn’t some kind of law saying “All people of the world must own a copy of this book!” because it really is THAT GOOD!! This book (Like the fault in our stars) changes you. I believe this book would be incredible as a movie because the story is so honest and raw. The characters in this book are amazing. Basically I would also really truly very much like if there were finally made a really good movie about OCD, so people would be more aware of what it means to be “mental”. I think that people needs to know: this is how it feels to be sick.


The LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

I already have made reviews on Obsidian and Onyx (the only two books I have read in this series) therefore you might already have an idea about how much I adore this series! First of all: who does not want to see a movie with alien hotties in it? Second I really want a movie where the main (girl) character is not super skinny but normal and a bit pudgy (as I believe Katy described herself). On the social media we are always presented with these super skinny celebrities and models so we begin to think it is normal to look that way when only who are super sporty, starves themselves or has a very high metabolism looks that way. Therefore I find it very important to prove society wrong and say “curvy girls with a stomach that goes outwards instead of inwards are very beautiful too!” Of course the storyline is good (and funny) too. Overall I think these books would make some fine movies!


Red Queen series by Veronica Roth

OH EM GEE!! Guys this book series is incredible and I would really just LOVE for it to come to life in a movie. Imagine a The Hunger Games level kind of movie, but with the Red Queen story. All the special effects, the castle, the world and most of all the characters and their costumes!! It would be EPIC!! I for sure would watch that movie. Imagine the training room with fire, lightning, iron, water and so on with powers. It would be a circus!! 😀 The whole book is to me much like THG therefore it is very easy for me to imagine this beautiful book as a movie!

What books would you like were made into movies? Do you agree with my choices? Feel free to do this tag if you want to 😉

Bye for now ❤

– Anne Sofie


4 thoughts on “Book to movie wishlist tag

  1. bookwormwholived says:

    Great post! I would love to see An Ember in the Ashes as a movie. I know the sequel hasn’t even come out yet but it would still work so good as a movie. Besides that I’m super excited for the Miss Peregrine’s movie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. justpagebypage says:

    I’d love to see the Red Queen series into a movie(s). I hope they’ll make movies of this series. I’ve only read Red Queen but I loved it so much.


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