Book review: LUX Onyx


Hello ❤

Last week I posted my review on the first book in the LUX series, Obsidian. If you haven’t read Obsidian, don’t read this review! There will be spoilers about what happened in the first book of The LUX series.

But if you have read Obsidian and would like a non spoiler review on Onyx, then this is for you ❤

If you thought Obsidian was good, Onyx is freaking fabulous! I can’t even! The feels in this book are so real! I am loving how this story is turning out ❤

Btw: I literally went straight from Obsidian to Onyx with only a few seconds break between the two books.. So the events in each book kind of blur together.. Haha! Now lets just go for it 😉

Katy is continues being her fantastic book loving self ❤ Which of course makes this book absolutely amazing! Also get ready for some serious Kaemon? Daety? I literally can’t find any official ship name for them!! It is so frustrating!! Not to give any spoilers.. but things heat up in this book! Not just with Katy and Daemon but things are getting exiting, dangerous, AMAZING!!!

We get to know the entire alien squad much better in this book. And speaking of getting to know, we have a few new exiting new characters in this book.

So over all.. Get ready for a fantastic book that will attach itself to you like an extra limb until you have finished reading it. It is THAT good!

I really don’t think there should be a question in how many stars this book should get.. ★★★★★ (obviously) 😀

If you haven’t read Onyx yet, go read it now! It is heaven between pages!

See you soon!

-Anne Sofie


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