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Hello everyone ❤

I had so much fun doing my last tag, so I thought that I would do another one 😉

Today I am doing the bookshelf tag. I found this over at Twist in the Tail. You can find her post here 😀

Basically in this tag there are all these questions about your bookshelf and then you have to try and answer them ❤ so lets just get right into it!


Describe your bookshelf and where you got it from


My bookshelf is really nothing super fancy. I recently (like three months ago :D) went to ikea and bought two of their good old “BILLY” shelves. It is pretty plane but that is why I love it, because that allows me to be really creative with organizing it without it being too much/overwhelming.. 🙂 Before I had this shelf I used a VERY SMALL Montana shelf. It looked really nice until I got “too many books”.  Now I would describe my bookshelf as very colorful and “airy” because I obviously need more books 😉 haha ok.. next question…

How do you organize your books?

If you ask me, then one of the best things about a bookshelf is organizing and reorganizing it. I don’t do it a lot since I absolutely love how my shelves look right now, but when I get a new book (or more) and they don’t fit in, I love to play around and see what looks good. Like a puzzle!

So on my shelves I have organized it in different “themes” or categories on some shelves and just done what looked pretty on others. I try to mix books and “stuff” and plants on my shelf just to add some variation.

I have some kind of theme on most shelves: neon, black and white paperbacks, black hardcover books, colorful contemporaries, “rainbow” trilogies, Cassandra Clare books, books with aliens, Kirea Cass books, rainbow shelf, Rick Riordan books, school and “boring”/un decorative/random books.

I always keep series together as well as books by the same author (with a few exceptions for the rainbow shelf).


What is the longest book on your shelf?

The award of the longest book on my shelf goes too… City of Heavenly Fire with its 733 pages ❤ Ironically it was also one of the once I read the fastest 😀 I is really good if you haven’t read it..


What is the shortest book on your shelf?

I don’t have a lot of short books “I like big books and I cannot lie” you know? So the shortest book on my shelf right now is with its 221 pages “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” I haven’t read this book yet and honestly I don’t think that I will for quite a while..


Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?

There actually is not… “Looking for Alaska” was the first book I got as a gift though. I got it from my sister a few Christmases ago 😉


Is there a book from a friend on you shelf?

I recently got “I Capture the Castle” from a friend of my family.. I hope that counts ❤


What is the most expensive book on your shelf?

My “Greek Gods” and “Greek Heroes” books were very expensive (compared to what I usually spend on books) But they were totally worth it! 😉


What is the last book you read on your shelf?

I last read LUX Beginning (Obsidian and Onyx) They were AMAZING!! I did reviews on both of them, you can go check them out if you want to: Obsidian Onyx ❤


Do you have a complete series?

Yes I have! And the series on my shelf that are not compete are soon to be since I just got a new job and will be earning plenty of money for books in the future 😀 Full series I own: “Ruby Red trilogy” “Anna and the French Kiss trilogy” “The Infernal Devices” “The Mortal Instruments” “The Selection” “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” “Heroes of Olympus” and “The Kane Chronicles”. I didn’t include the series where I own all the published books but the series isn’t finished since I thought that might be cheating…


What is the newest addition to your shelf?

I got “LUX Consequences” last week. I also just ordered like six new books today.. You will see them in a haul later 😉


What is the oldest book on your shelf?

I have had my copy of “H. C. Andersen’s collected fairytales” as long as I can remember..


What’s a book you’d hate to let out of your sight? (A.K.A. No one is touching it. EVER.)

I don’t think I will ever lend out my copy of “I’ll Give You the Sun” maybe to my sister but no one but her.. First of all: It is white.. That means get’s easily dirty, and I do not accept my book getting dirty (physically. If you were wondering)  Haha.. But really don’t ask to borrow it. I will say no.


What is your most beat up book?

This catastrophe happened before I had completely given into the world of books. You may bear over with my previous book torturing self. At that point of my life I had not yet seen the light and turned into a bookworm 😉


A book that don’t belong to you?

Since my sister is a hardcore booknerd like me if I try to burrow a book from her I get strict orders to nutty up reading it and return it as soon a possible.. Therefore the only burrowed books on my shelf are from the library. These books are for school not for “pleasure reading”… So I keep them at my bottom shelf where they are almost invisible.


A book that is your favorite color

My favorite color are gray blue. The same color as my eyes, which is also the same color as my mom and sisters eyes. Therefore when I look at that color I think of my family ❤ The colors on “All the Light We Cannot See” are not the exact color but it is pretty close 🙂


What book has been standing on your shelf the longest and you still haven’t read it?

I got “Too Kill a Mockingbird” last Christmas and I still haven’t read it yet.. I am working my way through my tbr. but this one is pretty far down..


Out of all the books on your shelf, which book were the first one you read?

I read “The Hunger Games” in the summer 2014 and I actually reread the whole series in I think it was October.. It is one of my all time favorites!

How does your shelf look? Did you see any of your favorites on mine? Feel free to do this tag ❤

Until next time

-Anne Sofie


7 thoughts on “Tag: The Bookshelf Tag

  1. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    Wow, your bookshelves are so clean and organised! I’ve recently run out of space on mine so the books are starting to pile up. I love my edition of I’ll Give You the Sun too — I have that white edition and I don’t want to lend it to anyone! 😛


    • siamybooks says:

      Haha thank you ❤ I know that so well! My previous bookshelf was a mess! Now I have gotten plenty of space so if it look organized it is only because I don't have enough books to make a mess 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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