June Tbr


Hi guys!

It is a new month and that means a new tbr. I seriously have so many books on my tbr this month that I really have no idea about how I am supposed to read that many books! I know the books in the picture (eight books) sounds ok but I also have to read a bunch of other books for book clubs and stuff that has not even arrived yet. So this will be a VERY busy reading month for me! On top of everything I am in a bit of a reading slump right now.. but I am on my way through it. Fighting!

So I thought that I would talk to you guys a bit about my expectations for these books and stuff ❤ I am mentioning these books in somewhat the order I will be reading them in.

The Name of the Wind

Right now I am reading TNOTW and I am about 200 pages in.. It is a slow going process.. It is not that it isn’t a good book, but with my exams and all I just haven’t had the time to just sit down and read for many hours. I love the story though and it is picking up its pace. I am counting on finishing it in a few (or more) days.

If I Stay

So this book has been on my tar for AGES. It is my sisters and she begged me to read it last summer.. when I didn’t I thought that I would give it a go now ❤ I have watched the movie several times and I really love it. So I am counting on the book being absolutely fantastic (and sad). I am really looking forward to see if there are things that they changes in the movie, and how the characters “think”. I think I will read this one when I am done reading TNOTW.

Great Expectations

I picked up this book when I was in London a few months ago. It is no understatement to say that I have “great expectations” towards this book (see what I did there?) My dad says it is brilliant so I thought that I would read it now. Also I am trying to read one classic book every month. Otherwise I think that I will forget them and read other books instead. What is your favorite classic?

Queen of Shadows

Ok guys. This book. THIS BOOK!!! I am so exited to read it!!! I am addicted to the Throne of Glass series and the books just keeps on getting better and better! So I am super freaking mega exited for this next adventure! SPOILER ALERT: I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with Dorian and that dark collar. Will heavier be the same again? And what about Aedion? Will Clean succeed to free him? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Ahaha. So yeah.. Pretty exited for that book 😀

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I ordered A Court of Thorns and Roses just the other day so it hasn’t arrived just yet. I have been wanting to read this book for quite a while. As you can hear I am quite the fan of Sarah J. Maas so my expectations for this book/series is pretty high 🙂 I actually wasn’t planning on reading it just yet but when I saw it was one of the books of the month at Puffin Pals Book Club I could not resist ❤ I have not read that much about this book yet but from what I have read it sounds amazing!

The Secret History

This is another book club read. The Secret History by Donna Tartt is the BOTM at The Readers Guild and since their books are usually pretty good I decided to give it a shot 😉 From what I have heard this book sounds very interesting and different. I am a big fan of books that include ancient greek stuff so I think this will be a great adventure! 😉

LUX: Opal

Oh well… I of course cannot go a month without reading the next book in the LUX series.. If you have read my reviews of the first two books in the series (Obsidian and Onyx) you know I am a HUGE fan of this series! I read these books faster than the formula 1! Ahaha ok maybe not that fast 😀 But really. I am super exited to see where all this is going.

LUX: Origin

Againg I have VERY hight expectations for these books. Some might say “Anne Sofie you have 13 books on your tbr this month, do you really need to read two books in the LUX series?” The answer to that question is YES one do not just read only one of the books when the book contains two books! Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You’ve Benn Gone is another of the many books I bought in London. I actually planned to read this in April but I didn’t get the time. I thought since The Unexpected Everything was just published, that I would read this one first.. From what I have read about this book it sound super fun with the “bucket list” and the different tasks she is doing. I have pretty high expectations for this book since everyone who have read it says it is amazing ❤

The Unexpected Everything

I bought this book a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t planning on reading it right away.. Anyway when I saw that it was the BOTM at The Quirky Readers I couldn’t resist 😉 It sounds like a super cute summer read that might be just what I need this summer ❤ Also the cover is absolutely gorgeous so it is hard to resist wanting to read it.

Summer Days and Summer Nights

I have not talked about my love for Stephanie Perkins yet, so here goes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL BOOK BY STEPHANIE PERKINS.. well not that that is out there lets continue with this book 😉 I really enjoyed My True Love Gave To Me so if this book is anywhere near as good I will be super happy! I think I preordered this book half a year ago! This book is also the BOTM at bibliophile academy not that I wouldn’t read it anyway ❤


I feel like this book has been all over Instagram this past month and I have really been wanting to read it, so I thought why not and bought it 😉 The story sounds really fun and I can’t wait to get to know the characters better. I have heard a bit mixed things about this book so my expectations are not sky high. Still I am looking very much forward to reading it!

A Court of Mist and Fury

My last book this month is A Court of Mist and Fury. This is another book that is literally everywhere right now! Everyone is talking about it, which is just making my expectations for it sky high. I really hope for an amazing story ❤ The cover is of course also absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t really read what it is about since I don’t want any spoilers about the first book..

Peew.. That was a LOT of book! How many books do you have on your tar this month? Which books will you be reading?

See you soon

-Anne Sofie


4 thoughts on “June Tbr

  1. bookwormwholived says:

    great tbr! if i stay sadly disappointed me (i read it after i watched the movie which i loved way more)..im looking forward to see what you think! I’m actually also reading since you’ve been gone and acomaf this month (acotar is sooo good)! we should discuss when were both done.


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