Book review: If I Stay


Hey guys ❤

Yesterday I finished reading “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman. So here is a small spoiler free review 😉

The book is about 17 year old Mia Hall from Oregon. She and her family gets into a car accident that kills her parents and put both hers and her little bother Teddy’s life in danger. Mia wakes up next to her body as a ghost of a kind where she follows her only barely still alive body to the hospital. We hear about the current situration from Mia’s ghost who sees everything that is happening with her family, but we also get flashbacks where we hear about her love story with Adam and not to forget her intense love for music and her cello. We get the whole story of Mia Hall from birth to the accident. Now the question is after this, does she want to stay? Does she want to live on as an orphan?

I actually watched the movie first (I know: Shame on me) but the movie was really good, so my expectations for this book was quite high, and let me just say: I was not disappointed. I have been planning to read this book for so long and I actually started reading it last summer, but I banned it. Now when I stated reading it, I did not want to put it down.. ever. (I did though.. a girl gotta sleep).

When I was done reading this book I just sort of sat and was kind of breathless. This book was such a rollercoaster of happy beautiful memories and sad reality. It really makes you think: what if it happened to me and my family.

The book is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. I feel bad for loving the book when such terrible things happen to her family, but I really did love it. It was just what I needed after my reading slump.

I give this incredible book ★★★★☆ because I really adored the book. It would have gotten one more star if it had played more on the feelings. I didn’t really cry or laugh that much. Sometimes it could be a bit straight forward and unemotional. So the missing star if because of the lack of super feels.

I definetly recommend this book! It was a fantastic read that gives you a lot to think about. Also it is not very long so if you are in need og a quick read this is really good.

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I hope you are having a marvelous day!

– Anne Sofie


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