Book review: Where She Went

Hi guys 😉

The same day I finished reading “If I Stay” I also read the sequel called “Where She Went”. There will be spoilers about the first book so if you have not read “If I Stay” yet you can read the review I did on it here.

This book by Gayle Forman takes place three years after the accident. We hear the story from Adams point of view. Adam and his band Shooting Stars has gone viral and that are now going on world tour. Mia has become a known cellist. Adam knows this from the media because he and Mia don’t talk anymore. The breakup left Adam devastated and he is now about to break under the pressure from all his fans. He’s got anxiety and can’t handle the fame. Now the day before the tour starts someting happens (no no you silly he could not possibly meet Mia again. What would make you think that?)

This book was truly breathtaking. I read it in only a few hours and I just kept on reading not wanting to ever put down the book. That meant I went to bed in the middle of the night, but what does that matter when you are in the middle of an incredible story? So I read it in one sitting.

The book is very honest and where If I Stay didn’t gave me all the feels this one really did. The anxiety was very realistic and the heartbreak he felt was devastating. You really get some sympathy for those celebrities that are constantly followed around by paparazzi’s and fans. We sometimes forget how much pressure is upon them always being in the spotlight.

I loved this book so so so so much! Especially the ending (no spoilers) 😉 It left me super happy and satisfied. Of course I give this book ★★★★★ It was beautiful and wonderful and great and everything good in this world.

This series is definitely a must read! I 100% recommend this book to all YA readers.

If you have read it, please tell me what you thought about it ❤

Until next time

– Anne Sofie


One thought on “Book review: Where She Went

  1. bookdragon1017 says:

    I completely agree with your review. I also finished both If I Stay and Where She Went on the same day. I truly adored reading from Adam’s POV. Reading about what happened to him in the past after Mia went away broke my heart! I also LOVED the lyrics to his songs, I wish such a band existed! I enjoyed Adam’s and Mia’s initial awkwardness towards each other. Of course the ending was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. It couldn’t have been any better for the both of them. I usually don’t enjoy these types of books but I loved this book anyways.


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