Buy my handmade customized bookmarks!


Exciting news! Some of you have requested buying my homemade bookmarks, and now you can! You tell me what you want on your bookmark ex: colors, names, characters, fandoms, series, styles/themes, quotes, and I will make it!

The bookmarks are 5$ each and I ship worldwide.

Shipping costs 3,7$ (unless its is to Denmark, then its is 1,2$)

If you are interested in buying  bookmark(s) then contact me on the contact page you can see in the main menu above 😉

Payment happens by you transferring the money to my bank account 😀

If you have any questions don’t hold back with contacting me! I will gladly answer ❤


The bookmarks are made with thick good quality paper (200g/m2)


They are double sided (so you kind of get two bookmarks in one 😉

They are painted by hand (with watercolors)

Sewn together around the edges for a unique luxury touch ❤

I hope this is of interest to some of you 🙂

– Anne Sofie


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