Book review: The Secret History


Hello hello my friend ❤

Yesterday I finished (after being in a major slump.. caused by this book) The Secret History by Donna Tartt. This was the June botm over at The Readers Guild.. which was the only reason I read this book.

The book is about Richard who starts at Hamden college. While there he starts to study Greek under the very special and characteristic Julian. He gets to know the other five students from Greek class quite well: the very rich Henry and Francis and the twins Charles and Camilla. They let him into their group, but little does he know what he is in for.. (I won’t spoil that for you though 😉 ).

It is very hard for me to review and rate this book because it has left so many different impressions:

I partly hated the book. It was too long, too slow and, at times, boring. (It also kept me from reading what I really wanted to read: ACOTAR).

On the other side I found the story somewhat exciting…

I absolutely love when books make me think about philosophical questions and things.. you know about life and stuff. That was what really made me like this book! It was filled with new knowledge and labyrinths of questions. I know that I will for sure think about this book for a while.

I am not a big fan when it comes to thrillers.. I don’t like books about murder, but this one got away with it ok.

I do recommend this book though ❤ It was very interesting, but as I have said earlier: Very long and time-consuming too.

I have decided that I want to give The Secret History ★★★★☆ because I feel like on top of everything the book was good and very interesting. I just don’t think it appeals to my age group very much.. and I felt like I could not quite relate to the characters.

Have you read this book? If yes what were your thoughts on it?

I will see you all soon!

– Anne Sofie


3 thoughts on “Book review: The Secret History

  1. Julia says:

    I am currently reading The Goldfinch (another book of Tartt’s), and I have heard many complain about her supposedly long, slow, and boring writing style. I’m sorry you see it this way too. (I like it.) I don’t think you would like The Goldfinch. (There’s a lot of, er, longer parts in there!)


    • siamybooks says:

      I actually did like the book, I just prefer reading books that has a faster pace. But looking back now it stands out as a super interesting and good read. But I also agree with you that I probably won’t read the goldfish, at least not right now. I will read more of her books in the future.. I just think they are meant for another audience than me (since I am only sixteen) but maybe in a few years I can really enjoy her writing while reading the book ❤️


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