Book review: Dreamology


Hi guys 😀

Here is my non spoiler review on Dreamology by Lucy Keating ❤ Enjoy!

I read this book while I was camping with my grandparents few weeks ago. Even though I did so many different things all day I still read this book in only two days. I always find this kind of book very pleasing, because even though it might not be masterpiece literature, it is nice to sometimes read light and quick things like this.

The book is about Alice. For as long as Alice can remember she has had the wonderful company of Max in her dreams. He is literally the boy of her dreams. Sadly of course he does not exist, because she made him up.. Right? That was what Alice thought until she on her first day at her new school see Max tumbling in though the door. What happens now? Is real Max like dream Max.. and does he even remember her?! Dun dun dunn!! Read the book to find out!

Ok so as you can hear the concept of this book is very cute. I really enjoyed reading the book, but I was quite annoyed with a few things in the book that was unrealistic. The way the characters acted I found unrelateable and again unrealistic. Also Max was really annoying at times!

Over all I did kind of love this book.. Even with its flaws, who does not want to meet the boy of their dreams? Some has said that this book was too sugary and cute, but me being a big (hopeless) romantic ate it all up 😀 Haha.. It is not really funny but whatever.

I give this book ★★★★☆ because as I have said: I really really liked this book ❤

I definetly recommend this book if you are in kind of a slump! But of course can anyone read this lovely sweet cute sugary warm dreamy perfect…. book ❤

Have a lovely Wednesday!

– Anne Sofie


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