· Bogforum 2016 ·

Yesterday I went to the Danish BookCon called “Bogforum”. I had so much fun while there and I also bought quite a few book 😉 So I thought that I would do a little haul and also tell you guys about the event and my experience ❤

Bogforum is held annually in Bellacenteret in Copenhagen. Since it is a Danish even there sadly is rarely any English books… which I find a bit annoying since I mainly read in English. While there you can meet a bunch of cool authors (both Danish and international), go to book signings, hear interviews, or just walk around and buy lots of books! It is basically a bookworm heaven!

Since none of my friends from school like books and I wanted to be there early (when school was over) I actually went by myself. I had thought that it would be weird.. walking around alone.. but it was actually quite fun, and you really got to listen in depth to whatever the authors were talking about in interviews.

When I first got there (around 13:30/1:30pm) I spend about an hour just walking around.. getting a good view of the place and looking at books… getting a bunch of samples 😝

Then I went to hear Michelle Kristensen talk about her book “MK løbecamp” (MK Running camp). Now I actually live pretty healthy and do quite a bit of sports to it was really interesting for me to hear her talk about what she thought was healthy. She was also really funny and seemed like a generally awesome person!


At three o’clock I went to meet with the super sweet and wonderful Fiona aka. bookwormwholived ❤ She was so nice and in the short time we talked, we got to discuss so many great things! I really hope we will get to meet again ❤

I also went to hear and see Patrick Ness in conversation with Damian Arguimbau. It was so much fun! Even though I have yet to read any of Ness’ book, I was still greatly entertained! It was both interesting and funny 😂 I absolutely love Ness’ humor! After the interview there was a book signing where I got my copy of A Monster Calls signed ❤ It was awesome!


My signed copy of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


As the super awkward person that I am, I asked Ness to get a selfie with him

I also got to meet up with the super sweet Frederikke also known as @freddyreads ❤ I had a blast walking around with her and her friend for a whole hour! 🙂

I got to see so many great things but I wont list them all here now 😉 Instead I will tell you about the tings that I bought/got while I was there:


I got a bunch of free book samples: The Rest of Us Just Live and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Den Gønne Ø by one of my dad’s old colleagues Mette Finderup, Pigen og Vogteren by Øbro & Tornbjerg, Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery as well as the short bonus story Just one Night by Gayle Forman

I got three bookmarks, a bookish calendar and a bunch of postcards with quotes on for free as well

Now moving on to the things that I actually bought I got myself a The Secret Garden notebook at Politiken’s stall for 75kr and five books for 100kr at a little english book sale outside the convention. I bought The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, Life of Pi by Yann Martel to read and then I got the Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and New Moon by Stephanie Meyer to make blackout poetry.

It was truly an amazing day and I highly recommend you going there if you are a Danish booklover! You can still make it! Tomorrow is the last day though.. So you gotta be quick!

Also I am back guys! You can expect plenty of new posts from me and I AM EXCITED! (I hope you are too 😇)

– Anne Sofie


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