Book review – Keeper the Book of Aon


Title: Keeper – The Book of Aon

Published: July 31st 2016

Author: K. M. Higginbotham

Published by: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

My rating: ★★★☆☆



When Elizabeth Knight meets a boy with a peculiar book on the streets near her apartment, she gets a little worried. When she wakes up the next morning in a totally different world, she starts to question her sanity. Elizabeth is whisked away to Aon, a kingdom of danger and mystery, with Edward, the boy from the streets. Turns out, he happens to be the prince. And that makes her a target by association. Before night falls, the peculiar book is hers, she’s being called the ‘Keeper’ and she has a new enemy: the dark, hooded figure called the Night Rider, who wants nothing more than absolute power. Now, the only things in his way are Elizabeth, her book, and the boy from a secret place. As impossible secrets unravel, Elizabeth is left with the greatest challenge of her life. Can she protect Aon and the people she cares about despite the danger that awaits her? Elizabeth is faced with saving the kingdom and protecting herself, knowing that one accident could send her spinning through the darkness, leaving Aon behind forever.

This book was kindly send to me by Kate herself. This was really exiting for me since it was the first time an author has send me their book for review. She even signed it for me! (though she got my name wrong/forgot Sofie). Katy’s story is very impressive as she was only fifteen when she finished writing this book. You can read more about all that online 😉


This books left me with mixed feelings. I liked the story. The idea of it is great! But there was several things that annoyed me greatly throughout this book. It is not that I disliked it, just that I did not love it either..

The first thing is the language. As the book takes place in a whole different world, that almost could not be more different than from ours, I think it would be expected that the language fits with this. Instead the language is way too modern. I do not think that an expression like “totally awesome” belongs in a Middle Age like world.There are several references to our modern day culture too, things that they in Aon would have no way of knowing. Also I found the way the characters behaved irrational and both unrelateable and unreliable. It just did not fit with how normal, or any people really, would react to what happens.

Throughout the book there was much action, but a clear lack of character work. We knew what peoples backstories were, but still I felt little to no connection with the characters. It all felt way to superficial and blunt. Like stuff would happen out of the blue and people are effected by it but then they move on like it never happened.. I am really just a bit frustrated that so much of the great potential of this book was thrown away..


But still the book was fine – good even at times.

I decided to give Keeper – the Book of Aon ★★★☆☆ stars because even with its flaws, I did laugh and almost cried one time. Those being two of the major things I judge a book upon, it raised the book from two stars to three ❤

I hope you will still read this book even though I feel like I have thoroughly roasted it in this review.. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, and that you should definitely not let it keep you from reading it!

Love – Anne Sofie


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