November Haul!

This month has, to me at least, gone by SO fast! I feel like it was just august and tomorrow is the first official day of winter!

As I got very little payment this month, it has not been a huge book buying month for me. I only got a few new book.. But I also did get a bunch of stuff at Bogforum (the Danish bookcon which was this month). So here is my monthly haul!


The three new books I got are all by Cassandra Clare. She is a fabulous author and I really enjoyed her books! I used to adore her writing but I think my picture of her books have been distorted by the Shadowhunter tv-show because I did not like it…


First I got this breathtaking edition of the first book in Cassie’s The Dark Artifices series: Lady Midnight. I don’t think I have ever seen a book this gorgeous! It is even more beautiful in real life!


The second book I got this month is An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld which I actually did a review on ❤ You can find it here 😉


Lastly I got Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy which I just cannot wait to read!! I will read it as soon as I have finished marathoning the Miss Peregrine’s series ❤


At Bogforum I bought five used books and a notebook/journal

I have been wanting to try to make black out poetry for a while, so one of the books that I got for this was The Fault in Our Stars.. I have read it already of course but now I have two copies: one with all the words one with nearly none 😉

Another book I got with the porpoise of making back out poetry is New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I really want to buy and read twilight at some point, but that will not be in the near future ❤ Until then I can look at this beautiful white and red edition of New Moon.


I have a weakness when it comes to Alice in Wonderland. It is one of my favorite tales and the books always look adorable! Just look at this edition! In real life it is also tini tiny! I just could not resist it!


At my dad’s encouragement I got Life of Pi. He said it was really good so I just thought that I would give it a shot 😉


When I saw this book I got super excited! It looks and sounds absolutely amazing and it might even make it to my December TBR!


The note book I got was the Secret Garden notebook. It is the cutest! With small flowers on the pages and the paper is also really nice. I am not quite sure what I want to use it for just yet.. Maybe bullet journaling or recipes. Who knows?! 😉

If you want jo read a more in depth haul from Bogforum you can go read my blogpost on the experience right here

Until next time xx

Love – Anne Sofie


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