Christmas shelves!

I decorated my book shelves for Christmas last Sunday and I thought that I would show them to you ❤


Here is a somewhat over all look of my shelves. As you can see my decoration is not super crazy but that is because I still wanted to keep it sorts of subtle and classy.


I have these XMAS letters that I bought on sale a few years ago in the Danish store FØTEX. Anyway I think they are super cute (and they look great in pictures too!)




Next on the shelf below I have a darling angel that is handmade. My mom got it many years ago at a Christmas market and we still use her (the angel that is) as decoration every year. This year I was so lucky to get her onto my book shelf ❤

The other ornament that decorates this shelf is my purple glitter reindeer. I actually think we got this one in Tiger super cheap last year.. but I might be mistaken..

On the two shelves below I have two little painted wooden “nisser” which is basically a kind of house elf that lives hidden and is either super nice and helps you or is totally annoying making pranks and hiding your stuff (I believe there must be one of the latter in my house).

I have also hung some mirror ornaments that we usually use on the Christmas tree, but as we haven’t bought ours yet, I got to have them… for now 😉

Then there is the little singing boy figure with the elf hat (nissehue as it is called in Danish). I won him in a lottery about five or six years ago… He is still super cute though ❤

On my top right shelves I have decorated with some cute dotted wooden harts. I believe they are handmade and, like the angel from earlier, bought at a Christmas market.

I have also found this old but cute metal angel that uses to be my sisters. I have no idea where it is from though..

Lastly on this shelf I have a doe and a stag. I have turned them around since taking this picture as I think it looks a bit sad how they are turned away from each other ❤

On the tast tree shelves on the bottom right I first of all have the cutest doe with her little fawn ❤ they are absolutely adorable!

Un the shelf below I have decorated it with the same wooden hearts from earlier, only this time they are red.

The very last Christmas decoration on my bookshelves is another deer, standing guard in front of my the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones books ❤

I hope this inspired you at least a little bit 😉

Have a lovely day and merry Christmas to you all!

Love – Anne Sofie


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