Underrated – I’ll Give You the Sun

Hi guys!

It is time for another underrated: The series where I talk about books or bookish things that do not get the amount of love that I think they deserve ❤


This time I am going to be talking about one of my all time favorite books: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I read this book a year ago and it still is one of the best if not the best book I have ever read! Therefore I really do not get why so few are talking about this book!

I’ll Give You the Sun first published by Dial Books for Young Readers on September 16 2014 is about the twins Noah and Jude. This book is special as the story is divided in two: before and after. Before is told by Noah and after is told by Jude. In the beginning they are very close, inseparable really, but three years later they are barely speaking to one another. What is it that ends up separating them? Read the book to find out 😉


Noah and Jude are both artists, each in their own special way. That is what i loved so fiercely about this book. As I myself have loved to create art all of my life this book appealed to me like none other. It inspired me and I can hardly talk nor think about it without my entire body longing for painting or drawing again. I tell you I think I will have to paint something after writing this post haha 😉

Anyway I really found this book so inspiring and it moved me greatly! The writing is wonderful and the characters are so well made! Everything about this book is fantastic if you ask me! (Ok not everything but I would be giving spoilers if I told you what I did not like very much)…


Also the guys in this book are to die for! As both Jude and Noah like boys there is plenty of OTP goodness in this book ❤

I of course rated I’ll Give You the Sun ★★★★★ stars out of five ❤ Even after a whole year I think about it on an almost daily basis. It took my breath away and swept me off my feet!

I really do hope that you will read this book if you haven’t already. I promise YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Love -Anne Sofie


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