I know I have been posting a lot of 2016 stuff these past days but I just had so many things I needed to wrap up! I promise this is the last one! As I might have mentioned before 2016 has been a crazy book year for me! I have gone all out on the bookstagram lifestyle and with that read and bought SO many books! So I thought it would be super fun to go through the books or at least show them to you here 😉


These are nearly all of the 106 books I bought last year (some of them are not in this picture as they are either lend out or I simply forgot to add them to the picture..).

Out of all the books I have bought this year I have only read 47 of them.. I plan to read as many as I can of the others this year and maybe even go into a book buying ban/restriction.. But only maybe.. ❤

Some of the books and series I am looking the most forward to reading are:

  • The Starbound Series
  • Divergent series
  • Carry On
  • Nevernight
  • The Wrath and the Dawn series
  • Opposition (LUX #5)
  • Classics in general
  • A Song of Ice and Fire series
  • Hamilton the Revolution
  • The Spinster Club series (#2, 3 and 4)

Do you see any of your favorites in the picture?

I cannot wait to share 2017 with you guys! It is going to be AWESOME!

Until next time!

Love – Anne Sofie


4 thoughts on “2016 BOOK HAUL!

  1. amysbookcorner says:

    OMG your pictures are so pretty 🙂
    That is a lot of books you bought, but honestly I probably got the same amount (no shame there 🙂 )
    I probably wouldn’t be able to lend my books out, the only person I lend them is my sister, because I know she will look after them as she is a fellow booklover as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • siamybooks says:

      Damn that is awesome to have a fellow book-shopaholic! And yeah I usually also only lend books out to my sister but I have a really hard time saying no if people come up to me and asks if they can burrow one..

      Liked by 1 person

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