Judged about your bookish hobbies?

This is something I have been wanting to write about for a while now.. It is amazing being a bookworm/booklover/bookdragon/bookaholic or whatever you see yourself as. We readers get so many fantastic experiences that other people do not. At least not in the same way..

But, and yes there actually is a but to having a reading addiction, it can get awkward when you have to tell other people / your non-booklover friends about what you are currently reading or something else bookish you are excited about. They may judge.. and that sucks!

I am so tired of people seeing reading as something naff and boring. It may be a bit nerdy but tbh it is better being nerdy than flat as a person. Reading is something you should be proud of! Something people should have respect for like an elite sport. People should go “you like to read? Cool!” instead of “You like to read? oh.. ok..”

I am not saying that it is not ok not to like reading (even though you really are missing out) but I want reading to be something people don’t judge about. I know that it is hard to change prejudice and there will always be people who judge so here is my suggestion:

We readers needs to say things as they are: if you have a love for smutty romantic novels say so! If you are addicted to Hamilton tell your friends! If you have a total complete crush on several fictional fey warriors shout it out loud! If your friends are real they will stay with you and if they are not you don’t need them in your life anyway 😉

We cannot be afraid to show who we really are! Trust me I have tried it and it sucks!

I hope you are not embarrassed about reading because it is amazing! You ara amazing! And even though it can be awkward and weird it is who we are and that is what matters ❤ Life is made of these awkward moments.

To those who do not read: please be cool about us readers. If you don’t want us to judge you for not reading then don’t judge us for reading. If you liked the movie best that is fine but don’t tell us it is wrong to want to read the book instead. Even if you don’t understand us because we have our faces deep down in a book that is ok but don’t be mean.

In this world there is way too much hate and too little kindness.

So be kind to everyone. Love and READ ❤ ❤

Until next time

Love – Anne Sofie


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