Shadowhunter Academy #5 – The Evil We Love review


Title: The Evil We love

Published: June 16th 2015

Author: Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman

First published by: Kindle

Collection: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

My rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.3 stars)


It is time for yet another Shadowhunter Academy review! If you didn’t know then I have been going through all the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy novellas and I have now come to the fifth novella called The Evil We Love. If you have not read this book yet go check out my first post in this series where I also explain a bit about the book in general.

If you have not yet read The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments and The Bane Chronicles DO NOT READ ON! You will be spoiled otherwise! Though if you have read those books and don’t mind being mildly spoiled about the plot, you have nothing to worry about reading this review ❤


Mild spoilers start here

The Inquisitor Robert Lightwood visits the Shadowhunter Academy to tell the story of the cirkel. With him he brigs the one and only Isabelle Lightwood. We hear about the life at the academy back in the early days of the cirkel while Isabelle is taking over all of Simon’s friends and being super cold to him in the real world.


**REAL HARDCORE SPOILERS AND SHIT STARTS HERE** (non-spoilers stuff will continue below)

I am so glad for Simon’s brilliant humor in this book.. otherwise I don’t know if I would have made it through… This story was not my favorite.. but this quote gives me life:

The moment they met, Simon had decided that if looks matched personalities, Jon Cartwright would look like a horse’s ass. – Simon Lewis, The Evil We Love

I laughed SO hard at that! Definitely one of my favorite places in the whole book!


I was not happy with Isabelle in this story. She was so unlike herself and mean towards Simon I just felt so bad for him! No matter what it is never ok to treat someone like she treated him. I know that it was all a stupid game but still… not cool! 

Anyway, it was great that Simon yet again proved himself to be a true hero 😉 Not like those stupid friends of his!


I was not the biggest fan of the part about the circle. I am not religious myself and I therefore have a hard time understanding how people can follow someone like Valentine so blindly. That is nothing against religious people.. I just don’t trust anybody enough to follow them like that. I loved this quote though:

“Loving someone doesn’t mean you’re never going to make mistakes” -Robert Lightwood, The Evil We Love

Though that quote was good, I do not like Robert lightwood.. not in the least. He is not relatable to me at all and I have no respect for him. What he did to Michael – his parabatai – was unforgivable! Though shadowhunters are super cool and all, they really have a way to go when it comes to accepting people who are different.


That, I think, was what made me like it less. I did not feel very connected to the characters and I also lost so much respect for George! George my little lovely boo proved to be just as stupid as the others and that is not cool. Not cool at all..

Still it is a story written by Cassandra Clare which means the writing is beautiful and the setting/world is wonderful. That is a big plus with me!


At last when things end so that Isabelle Lightwood cult is stopped from raising the demon and everything goes back to normal was one moment where that gave me the craziest feels!:

“Sometime. Something… I guess it is a date.” -Isabelle Lightwood, The Evil We Love

This was probably the best place in this entire novella! The characters seemed like themselves and not as staged and unrealistic as earlier. I was literally jumping up and down with excitement when I read those last few lines! It was perfect and things finally seems to go the right way for Simon ❤



I liked this novella but it was not as fantastic as the other ones. This one was a bit unrelatable for me (a lot at times). That is for me a very important factor and it therefore draws it down.. a lot.

Still the writing was beautiful and it definitely made me both laugh and be very emotional..

I have decided to rate The evil We Love by Cassandra Clare ★★★☆☆ stars.. Maybe more like 3.3 or so… it was good after all.

This novella is, however, crucial for the over all story and understandment of the characters. So I will highly recommend reading it even if it isn’t Cassie’s best work yet.

I hope you liked this review ❤

Until next time – Anne Sofie


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