5 tips for finding time to read every day

Hey guys

I know I haven’t posted the last few days but don’t worry I am still alive and all (barely). The reason is that I have been super busy with school assignments and homework. And THAT is what I am going to talk about today 😉

Many of us live a busy life with school or work (or both). With all of the things that needs to be done every day, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to read. Personally, I have days where I get up at 6am go to school and come home at 4pm at which point I might take some pictures for the days post on instagram. Then I will do my homework, remember to eat and do some more homework. And before you know it, it is midnight and you have not had a single moment to relax all day. These days can really get you down because reading to me at least is like a fuel that keeps me going. It is my peace in the storm. It is where I relax and rewind and therefore it is important to make a plan for how and when you are going to read on these sort of days.

Here are my Five tips for getting time to read every day:

1. Plan your day 

Planning your day can be a major help if you are like me and tend to waste time doing other random things instead of just reading. Making a plan or a to do list for my day helps me a lot so I have a goal set for my day and remember the things that I have to do and when to do them. Thereby you can also time the things you are doing and compete with yourself to see how quickly you can get things done. Or you can just be cool and organized and not a weird competitive fangirl like me.

2.Spread out the work

This goes out to everyone but especially students. I know from myself that it can be hard to get that homework done and find the motivation to write that essay for English at any other time than the night before it is due, but spreading out the work, so you do a little bit every day can make a world of a difference! So yeah again plan your week and make sure you have time to read every day ❤

3. Do things at 80%

I am super perfectionistic and when I do something I always do it 110%. But being to thorough can have its downsides. If you always give it all that you have got you never have the time to do the things that you love. This is something I myself have to work on a lot as it can really drive you down and stress you out, which is something I am trying to avoid at all costs. So instead of doing everything 110% perfectly it is ok to cut corners once in a while and do some things at 80%.

4. Audio books

If the things above did not help you and gave you more time to read, I hope this one will. Whenever I am super busy or in a reading slump I listen to audiobooks. Thereby I can listen on my way to and home from school and while doing other things. It is a great way of still living through all of the stories if you do not have the time to sit down and read. Especially if the book you are reading is very slow and you cannot seem to get through it, audiobooks can really help because you do not have to do anything other than listen.

5. Say NO!

This last tip is for those of you who are wonderful helpful people who never say no if someone asks you to do something. It is important to find the time to relax with your book and a good cup of tea (or coffee) but it can be hard to find the time if you have a lot of things to do for or with others. Therefore it is important to learn to say no. There is no shame in not going out partying every weekend and choosing to stay in and read in stead. It is also ok to say no to a shift at work if you feel like that is what you need. Prioritizing yourself above everybody else is important because you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. I know this might sound very selfish and maybe it is, but trust me it makes things so much better. I am not asking you to isolate yourself from your friends only to listen to yourself and find out what you need. I promise you they will understand your choice ❤

I hope these five tips helped you out a bit. Now I just need to follow them better myself 😉 I hope you are all having a fantastic day with lots of reading!

Love – Anne Sofie


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