Hard covers vs. paperbacks

We all like books (I hope.. otherwise you are at the wrong place right now..) but everyone has their preferences. Some like long books others like shorter books and some like paperbacks and others like hard cover books and that is exactly what I am going to be discussing today.

Some only reads the one some only the other. Personally I mix it up.. it depends on the book. Here are my pros and cons for each format:



They are cheap! Paperbacks costs nearly nothing and that is perfect for a student like me who is low on money (very very low on money).

It is easy to carry them around! Due to their smaller size, paperbacks are super handy because they can fit into your bag without taking up all the space… unless you have a really small bag of course, hah..

They are cute because they are small 🙂 This is a bit superficial but paperbacks are so small and small things just tend to be cute! Especially those extra small ones you can get!

Floppy paperbacks are awesome! You know those paperback books where the pages just automatically fall out to the sides and the book itself is just super floppy? Yeah those are the BEST!


They are more fragile… I am always afraid of damaging paperback books.. The pages fold so easily and the spine can break whenever you open the book… It is such a sad sight when you put the damaged book back on your shelf and the spine is just a mess!

They don’t look just as good on a shelf ❤ This is a personal opinion of mine..I just don’t find paperbacks as pretty as hard cover books when they stand on the shelf.. They do look good standing next to other paperbacks of the same height but this is one of those points where I prefer hard covers.

They are very square and harsh looking.. Being made of only paper paperbacks have some very sharp corners that gives off a bit of a harsh look I think… At least they do not look just as great as hard covers in pictures :/

Hard covers


You get two covers for the price of one! On many hard cover books there is both a dust jacked cover and a naked book cover. This is something I really appreciate for then you don’t have to worry about ruining the outer cover when you read the book as you can just take it off 🙂

Hard covers are tough and don’t get damaged easily ❤ It is so nice not having to worry about your book being damaged which I don’t have to with hard covers. They are a steady rock and you can always count on them to be pretty after reading them (unless a terrible emergency happens). The spine will not break visibly either which is awesome!

They look gorgeous standing next to each other on the bookshelf!! I have turned to buy as many hard cover books as I can instead of paperbacks just because they look so great when they stand next to each other on the bookshelf. They are also super pretty in pictures, BONUS!!

Satisfying finishing a huge book. Hard cover books are typically pretty big which makes it super satisfying when you finish the book. Compared to all of those small paperback books, I think it is so much more fun finishing a hard cover book than a paperback (not counting in the quality of the story itself)

The sound when you close the book! Oh don’t pretend you do not know and love the sound hard cover books make when you close them with a smack! It is wonderful like a symphony ❤ ❤


The price.. Yes hard cover books tend to be pretty expensive BUT they are WORT IT!!

The size 😉 Some hard cover books are ginormous and though I LOVE BIG BOOKS AND I CANNOT LIE it does make them a bit unhandy to carry around.. I know I am more likely to let my book stay at home if it is a huge hard cover book compared to if it was a small paperback.

The weight :/ The huge size of hard cover books makes them pretty heavy too, which sucks if you are traveling somewhere and need a more lightweight book.. But looking on the bright side, you get an awesome arm workout done by carrying your books around!

As you can probably feel I lean more towards hard cover books than paperbacks.. that is mostly because of the cover and the way they fell in my hands. I do enjoy reading paperbacks once in a while too though and I have plenty of both!

Do you prefer hard covers or paperbacks?

Until next time

Love – Anne Sofie


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