Ups and Downs and Bookstagram

There is several reasons to why I am writing this post. Something happened in my life today, that I will tell you about later in this post, and it shook me greatly. I have also been wanting to discuss this book society with you all, and I hope you will read along though it is quite a long post.

I have now been blogging about books for a little over a year (I started January first 2016). First I only had my bookstagram account @siamybooks (which still is where I am the most active) but over this year I have started two bogs, one I dropped, the other one is the one you are on right now 😉 I also had a booktube account for a little while (It did not go well… don’t ask aha). This year has changed my life in many ways and stirred me towards my passion: books.

Us in the world of books, we are a team. We talk to each other and support each other. We fangirl, join fandoms and bookclubs, read more books and fangirl even more. We meet new people and new people through those people and make great friends. Some will last and some will not, but they all had an effect on us. Some more than others of course, but nothing no matter how little is insignificant.

I learned that today. I was on my way home from school on my bike. Suddenly a motorcycle comes out of nowhere. I hit my breaks as hard as I could and he missed me with only five centimeters. I could feel him, smell him. After him came a car, it stopped as the road the motorcycle guy had driven down was not large enough for cars. The driver jumped out of the car and ran after the motorcycle threatening to beat and kill him and told him to come back or he would regret it. I was five centimeters from being hit by a motorcycle driving approximately 70km/h. If I had been riding my bike only a little faster I might have been dead. That was a little thing. One or maybe just half a second that could have changed everything. Do not underestimate the little things.

Back to the real subject. We spend a lot of time on bookstagram. Unlike much of social media there is no pressure here so look or act a certain way. You do not even have to show your face. People will be nice to you no matter what. If you bring love, we will receive you with love. If you bring hate, we will group together as one like a shoal of herring and protect our own. We are a judgement free accepting society.

Still there are downsides. First of all it is super expensive being addicted to books. You spend loads of money on new books every month, and the money you don’t use on books are used on cute merchandise, bookmarks, candles, props and book boxes. I am always broke after I joined this society (I regret nothing though… or nearly nothing.. I do regret buying 24 paperback books in London when I wanted them in hardcover but otherwise.. I regret nothing!!).

We also spend SO much time on everything and sometimes that affects our social life. Taking all the pictures, reading the books (especially if you are a slow reader like me) and writing the posts takes ages! Still we love doing it and I would not trade it for the world. Just remember to appreciate those people who are passionate and put a lot of work into this society. They deserve SO MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT!!

Getting many likes and followers is something I feel like a lot of people care about. I myself being one, I do not let it affect my mood though. That is what is important. You should not let the amount of likes, comments or followers you have define anything. It is just a number and says nothing about who you are. Sometimes the number will go up, sometimes it will go down. That is just how it works. Still there is nothing wrong with being affected by a bad day with little likes and loads of unfollowers because there is actually a scientific reason for why you might get sad, angry or frustrated.

Every time you get a like or a new follower the brain releases a little bit of the hormone Dopamine that makes one happy. When you are used to getting a certain amount of likes and followers and you one day do not get that many,  you do not get as much of the dopamine which can make you feel down. Likes and followers are addicting that way.

I myself is very competitive. I compete with my sister, my friends, my family and sometimes other people on bookstagram without telling them. I guess it is part of being slytherin – wanting to be the best. So I look to how many followers other people have and at what rate they are growing and set myself a goal to “beat them” or at least improve on my own. I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way.. Maybe I am just a bad and weird person haha…

To me it is not the numbers that count but the individuals. The sweet accounts that come back and comment or answer on my pictures and instagram-stories. I love talking to all of you booksters and I want to keep on doing this for years! I want you all to know that I care about you. I appreciate you and your comments always make my day so much better.

Remember to appreciate the small things. The details. If you see something that is awesome, tell the creator so! It will make their day, trust me! Spread love not hate and be kind. My favorite quote is “throw kindness around like confetti”. That is what I think everyone ought to do some more. Share and love.

That was one long rant right there, but I had a lot that I needed to get off of my chest. I hope you all have an amazing day and remember: it is Friday tomorrow! ❤

Until next time

Love – Anne Sofie


3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and Bookstagram

  1. bookwormwholived says:

    What a beautiful post Anne Sofie ❤ I am so sorry to hear about that experience, it sounds absolutely horrible, but, as you said, things like that really makes you grateful for life and that is so amazing. I hope tomorrow will be great for us all!


  2. infinitbr says:

    This was amazingly written. I got chills when you talked about that motorcycle nearly hitting you. Some people should just not be in moving vehicles… and I’m so glad that you’re okay. It constantly worries me that something will happen to a friend on bookstagram and I’ll ever know what happened to them!
    I liked how you talked about how bookstagram can have its cons- like being so so expensive. And followers and likes sometimes become important to me when I try not to let them matter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • siamybooks says:

      Thank you so much Sophia! I am so relieved that nothing happened too. It is crazy how fast and easy everything can change to the better or worse.. I worry for my friends too because even though I have not met my bookstagram friends in real life I care about them and appreciate what they do ❤


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