The Book Life Tag!

Hi guys 😉

It is time for yet another book tag! This I time I will be doing the Book Life Tag. I can’t find who first created this tag but I found it over at From My Shelves you should go check it out (after you read this review of course ❤ )

Who would your parents be?


My parents would most definitely be Molly and Arthur Weasley! They are just as sweet and wonderful as mine but have the same quirky edge to them too ❤

Who would be your sister?


PRIM! My little sweet beautiful fourteen year old sister (who will always me cute and small to me) reminds me so much of Prim.. Or rather all I could think about while reading parts about Prim in The Hunger Games was my wonderful younger sister who is just as fair and innocent ❤

Who would be your brother?


I don’t have a brother but I think Jace from the Mortal Instruments and I would be perfect siblings! He can join our family anytime… Just saying 😉

Who would be your pet?

I know that it might be slightly difficult to keep a Wyvern in my garden but Abraxos have stolen my heart and I need him in my life! If I can’t have him I could settle for Fleefoot… Both would be great!

Where would you live?


Is that even a question? Of course I would live on hog wart half of the time and in camp half blood the other half of the time and spend my holidays at the London institutes not to forget the annual two month summer trip to the Night Court… ❤

Where would you go to school?


Hogwarts definitely.. But as you read above my living situation is a bit complicated…

Who would be your best friend?


I believe that Aelin and I could be great friends as she already has some of the same qualities that I recognize in my life long best friend.. like the “ok with killing” thing and the “let’s eat a bunch of chocolate” and the “fit working out type” thing… yeah we would get along wonderfully!

Who would be your significant other?

Well… I have a few but Rhysand and Percy are my two number one beyfriends… What? In some cultures women marry more than one guy at a time.. I guess we will just have to move there 🙂

Aha ok i hope you enjoyed reading this book tag! I for sure had a lot of fun doing it ❤ Fell free to do this tag and do tell me if you do because I would love to read your take on it!

Lots of love – Anne Sofie


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