Books vs. movies and TV series

When a book is to be turned into a movie or a tv-series, we readers are always left with a mixed feeling.. because this is dangerous ground… Taking a masterpiece and recreating it… A lot can go right, but a lot can go wrong too.  Here are pros and cons of books, movies, tv-shows and when one is made into another.

Books are the original first class entertainment and the one I like the best. Reading is a type of relaxation that people enjoy all over the world. As long as a book is well written and compliments the readers taste in content it is a wonderful way to tune out and enjoy some alone time. When you read, compared to watching movies and tv-shows, you get your own experience entirely and see your own pictures in your head. Imagination rules when you read! And not only can you relax while reading, you also become smarter! It really is a win win situation!

But. Books are first and foremost very expensive… especially for those of us who buy a lot of them! They are also not the best thing ever for the environment because of all the paper.. and yeah I know that you can just read eBooks instead, but it is not the same OK?! Does an e-reader smell wonderful like paper, magic and happy moments? I think not!

Reading is also very time consuming and it is therefore something you have to prioritize doing.. which sadly not many does.. 😦

A poorly written book can also be a total pain to get through. Then you can just stop reading of course, but personally I always finish a book.. otherwise it will haunt me not knowing how it ends!

When one of our favorite books are being made into a movie or a tv-series it is always both exciting and scary. Exciting and amazing because the wonderful adventures that until now only have existed on paper and in your mind will come to life. But also scary because what if it is terrible!! (just look at Percy Jackson).

Watching a movie is a great way of relaxing and doing nothing.. Studies show that there is less activity in the brain when you watch a movie than when you sleep! So that is why it is SOO nice to just sit down and chill with a movie for a few hours haha 😉

It is great when a book is being turned into a movie.. as long as they do it right. First they have to stay true to the story and cast some really good actors. Second it is also super important that they don’t let such a thing like saving money get in the way of a good movie. If they are willing to invest in making it the best movie ever and get some super talented people on the project IT WILL PAY OFF! Just see with the Harry Potter movies.. or the Hunger Games or basically every Tim Burton movie ❤

Tv-series is yet another way to live through an adventure with awesome characters while being all snuggled up and cozy. I myself do not watch tv-series because I am impatient and also don’t have the time to watch the same series for hours and hours. BUT that does not mean they are not AMAZING!

When you follow the same characters for season after season you can’t help to get attached to them – even the bad guys. Feeling empathy for other people is an important and great quality that you enhance and embrace when you watch tv-series (or read books or see movies) because you get to know the characters very well and care about them.

One should not underrate the wonderfulness of a netflix marathon! My old favorites were Gossip Girl, Bones, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. I will always remember these series. They all gave me something unique and special that I will take with me forever.

Common for all of these three is that they can give you terrific experiences without you even have to move an inch! You can do anything and be anyone in books and movies. And that, I think, is one of the most beautiful parts of it all. They fuel the souls of dreamers and lazy people 😉

I hope you are all having a wonderful monday!

Love – Anne Sofie


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