Check out my Society6 shop!

I recently announced that I was going to open my very own shop on society6 and last night I finally opened it! If you don’t know what society 6 is, it is basically this site where artists can upload their designs and other people can buy them printed onto all kinds of things like cups, pillows, cards, t-shirts and even shower curtains! It is brilliant because everyone can get a shot at selling their design to people all over the world and society6 will produce and send the products to you ❤

So yeah.. I have created seven designs to start that you can get on leads of different things! The designs are inspired by books, fandoms or the general life as a reader and there is something for everyone!

But wait.. there is more! You can get 15% off plus free shipping on all items in my shop until Sunday by clicking here!

I am endlessly excited to be sharing all of these news with you and hope you will love the products as much as I do! ❤

Lots of love – Anne Sofie


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