Update and London haul

Hi guys ❤

I’m alive! Sorry I haven’t posted for nearly two weeks but I have been on winter break and holiday in London and decided to just chill out and take a break from blogging.. but I am back now!

When I was in London I got quite a few awesome things and beside those I have got some other new stuff I thought would be fun to share with you guys ❤ So here is a London/recent haul!

Last year when I was in London I went absolutely bananas in the bookstores and ended up buying a total of 27 books in the span of 5 days.. It was amazing but also waaayyy expensiv.. So this year I drew a line and actually only bought one book. I know one book is not a lot and I am also very proud of myself for restraining. The book that I bought was one I have been wanting to buys for ages but just have not got around to because it is also SOOO expensive.. The book is the leather bound Barnes & Nobles special copy of Alice in Wonderland! This book is gorgeous and though I already have two copies of Alice in Wonderland I love to collect all the pretty editions!


I also went to PRIMARK (twice) and got quite a few things..


Among those things are three pairs of pants (one of them pajama pants). I got two nightgowns and about a ton Harry Potter socks haha.. ok seven pairs but still 😉

So yeah I got two sets: one with three longer socks and another one with four Hogwarts house socks (the Slytherin ones are in the laundry because I could not help but wait them right away ❤ )

The primary things were all super cheap and great quality so I highly recommend getting at least some Harry Potter socks for yourself 😉

I also went to one of my favorite shops ever… Brandy Melville!! Here I got one t-shirt and one off shoulder shirt (the one you can see in the picture) The t-shirt is in the laundry too.. but you can see a bit of it in this picture:


On Tuesday we went to Tate Modern (I highly recommend doing that btw)  and just before we left we stopped by their shop and OH MY GOSH there was SO many tempting art books!! I ended up getting a calligraphy book called Nib & Ink by Chiara Perano and it is FANTASTIC!! It has practice sheets and has already taught me so much new about calligraphy!


The same day as I went to Brandy Melville I accidentally stumbled across the London Graphic Centre. Guys! THAT PLACE!! IT WAS HEAVEN!!! I have never seen such beautiful washi tape or as many pens in my life and I have been to a lot of art stores!

I ended up getting quite a few things:


I bought the Pentel touch pen in several different (gorgeous) colors as well as in black. I also got the original Pentel sign pen which is just super cool and looks great when you you know.. sign with it 🙂

Then I got the Aquas water brush again by Pentel in small. I cannot wait to try this as I have been wanting to buy it FOREVER.

At last I got four Tombow (markers? brush pens?). Anyway the colors I got are: 346, 757, 679 and N15. They write beautifully and I just want to get my hands on even more of them soon!!

If you though i got enough socks earlier you thought wrong..  can never have enough socks so I got a few more at Forever21


I actually got a total of 6 pairs of socks but some of them were in the laundry when I took this picture… So yeah I got a set with four Pairs that were kind of mouse themed (they were cute OK?!) and two pairs one with sheep and one with pugs ❤

The store I went to the most time in London was boots though 🙂 There I got two lipsticks (one No7 in soft paprika one CLARINS in soft berry) one lip cream from NYX in Monte Carlo, two concealers in the shade 30 from No7 and a foundation from No7 as well. I also got a NYX mascara that I have not opened yet because.. I don’t know why OK?


Before I went to London I went to the Langelinje Harbor in Copenhagen where I got two now striped shirts from the brand Part Two (they are the ones at the top right in the large picture).

When I got home from London the best surprise ever was waiting for me: my Tillanddill rep package! I am a rep for the wonderful Demi and Lily here in February which is just super fun and awesome! Anyway here are the gorgeous bookmark and stationary cards I got which are from their galaxy collection:

If you want to buy something from their easy shop do use my code siamybooks10 to get 10% off!

I hope you are all well and I am so excited to be back! Also sorry if this post is not really books related and sort of empty.. It seemed like a great idea in the beginning :/

Love – Anne Sofie


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