Underrated: The Illuminae Files – DISTINCTION!!

The Oscars might be over but the giving of awards is not 😉 A while back when I updated my star rating system I also announced that I was introducing two new special titles that I could reward books: Golden Star ⭐️ Prize and the Underrated distinction. Well it is now time for me to put the Underrated distinction to use.

The Underrated distinction is for fantastic books that I believe are underrated. Underrated books are lesser famous/under-appreciated books and series that do not get all the love and attention that I think they deserve. They will typically be rated four or five stars and have a very special place in my heart.

Today I will give the very first Underrated distinction to The Illuminae Files series by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. These are not just fantastic and spell-binding books. The creative formatting makes the experience of reading the book absolutely unique and otherworldly.

These books are well known.. still I do not think they are acknowledged enough by far for the extreme effort that must have been put into creating this book with a new format every few pages.

I find this way of reading much more exciting because you never know what the next page might look like! It also makes it very easy for one to forget about everything else and just be there in the book with them! (I literally forgot where I was several times while reading it because I was so absorbed!)


Both of these stories are incredibly well written and gripping like nothing I have ever read before. They are intense but beautiful at the same time and the characters are relatable yet still different from every other character and interesting.

I honestly cannot say anything bad about this series other than the third book has not come out yet and I want it now haha XD


Therefore based of the fantastic story and especially the graphical aspect of the physical book and the role it plays in getting a completely unique and breathtaking experience reading it I will hereby present The Illuminae Files series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff with the Underrated distinction.

You can find out more about both of there books on goodreads ❤ You can also read my review on Gemina here 😉

This series is a MUST READ and if I could I would make it illegal not to read it! It is that good!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! And Yay! it is Friday tomorrow!!

Lost of love – Anne Sofie ❤


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