Book review – How Hard Can Love Be?


Title: How Hard Can Love Be?

Published: February 1st 2016

Author: Holly Bourne

Published by: Usborne Publishing Ltd

Series: The Spinster Club

My rating: ★★★★☆

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How Hard Can Love Be is the second book in the Spinster Club series by my FAVORITE author; Holly Bourne. If you have not read the first book yet – don’t you worry! I have an underrated discussion on it right here


The Spinster club series is YA-books that deals with feminism and underrated issues in today’s society. In How Hard Can Love Be we follow Amber who is traveling from London to San Francisco to spend the summer with her mom whom left her two years ago. But seeing her mom also means having to work at the summer camp Amber’s mom and her new husband Kevin run. Will things work out between a mother and a daughter who have not seen each other in two years? And besides all that Amber is falling for the most American prom king heartbreaker guy at camp. How hard can love be? Really hard! But Amber fights her way through it all in this incredible sweet, funny and very important story. Why important you way ask. Well during the book you learn so many great and important thing and get closer to real issues that has nothing to do with walls or immigration. These issues are finding yourself and trusting others. They are alcoholism and mental illness. They are IMPORTANT.

Amber is a through and through wonderful and very relatable character. She has a brilliant sarcastic sense of humor and a striking fabulous personality. She is a strong feminist and also 100% completely charming and lovable. So watch out all this tall, red haired wonderwoman will win your heart and you will love every second of it!


What I love about Holly Bourne’s books is that they are funny and makes you laugh while dealing with very serious issues. They can change your view upon a lot of things or at least give you a lot of new things to think about.

I will forever and always recommend these books with all of my heart and if I could I would make everyone in the whole world read it! You cannot go wrong with a Holly Bourne book because it will take you to all the perfect places!


I rate How Hard Can Love Be by Holly Bourne ★★★★☆ as it was absolutely stunning and made me both laugh and cry. It was everything that I wanted and more and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series!

You might ask why I don’t rate it five stars in stead of four with all of this positivity.. I don’t know.. I guess it just was not as strong to me as Am I Normal Yet? and it needed a tini tiny bit of something ekstra that shook me.. It is as good as many five-star-novels, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to rate it five stars..

I hope you will all go read this series as it is one of the best I have ever read! These novels are groundbreaking and nothing like anything I have ever read!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend! I sure will!

Lots of love

-Anne Sofie


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