Book review – LUX Opposition


Title: Opposition

Published: August 5th 2014

Author: Jennifer  L. Armentrout

Published by: Entangled Teen

Series: LUX

My rating: ★★★★☆

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In my very first blogpost I reviewed the first book in the LUX series: Obsidian. (Find review here). Now, almost a year later I have finally read the fifth and last book in this series: Opposition. It took me ages to pick up this book but when I did.. It was EPIC!!

The LUX series is about Katy, a teenage girl from the US who ADORES books and blogs about them too. After her fathers death Katy and her mom moves to West Virginia. Katy expected her life to be a bore from now on, but little does she know the adventure that is lying before her. The LUXEN walk this earth and the government knows it. Two of the luxen, however, live in the house right next to Katy and then the trouble begins for how can Katy not befriend the sweet Dee and her grumpy twin brother Deamon? And so the trouble begins.


Opposition is the fifth book in this series and a LOT has happened since that first book! New characters, plot twists, deaths, spoilers, spoilers and alien invasions.. you know.. the typical.

The character work in this novel was truly wonderful. Yes. These characters are not eternally deep and perfect, but they are realistic to me, and sometimes you don’t need something complicated – just something light you can fly through quickly.

That being said this is not a super light book as some HEAVY SHIT goes down in this book, which just lifted this book to a whole new level of fantasticness!


The ships are to die for and I live for the smutty scenes (no shame)! I mean this book is not for the sensitive holy people who despise sex – because it is going down in this book (not described in details though – this ain’t Fifty Shades you perv haha – though I would have been totally into it if it was).

OK back on topic! The LUX series is generally rarely easily read though they are rather long. I always read them super fast but I know some people who took ages reading them.. :/ The writing style is fine – not fabulous like Sarah J. Maas – but still nice and you know.. pleasant to read.


This book also made me laugh so much and hard SO many times! The sarcastic characters are simply too funny!! Even the ones who are not supposed to be funny!

In general this is a book that made me feel a lot of different things: frustration over the unfairness of everything, love that made m heart swell with happy feels, sadness that WRECKED me, anger and most of all fierceness and adrenaline from all of that badass alien fighting!

The whole idea of the book is not super original with the whole alien invasion and teenagers with super sowers stuff and it all sort of reminds me a lot of the Lorien Legacies series BUT has for me been an absolute pleasure to read!

Based on the writing, plot, characters, originality, quality in general and my impression of it I rate Opposition ★★★★☆ (or rather 3.8 but whatever..).

I highly recommend reading this series as it is WONDERFUL and fun and also perfect if you are in sort of a slump!

Also as a bonus you should totally read the novella Shadows that is included at the end of the book! It is about how Bethany and Dawson met each other and fell in love and it is THE CUTEST thing EVER!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love – Anne Sofie


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