To read or not to read – Rereading?

Time for a new discussion! This time it is about weather or not to reread books and the pros and cons of each.

I have no problem with rereading a book or a series as long as it is one that I really like.  I don’t do it a lot but recently I have had this urge to reread a bunch of my old favorites so that inspired me to white this post 😉


You get to relive a book! Which is awesome if it is a great novel or series! The second time around is always different because this time you know what is going to happen and can then notice more small details and signs in stead.

It is also a good way of refreshing your memory before a new book in the series is published so you have everything from fresh memories. Reading a book leading up to a event concerning the book is also always a great idea so you can for example compare the movie to the book and the other way around.

You become an expert on the book! And it is always great to be wise and smart and sometimes a nerd because in the end, we are the smartest and brigtest readers who populate this earth.


It can be BOOORING!! If the book is not freaking fabulous, it can be a heavy and dull burden having to reread a bad book.. so really you should stay away in that case

There are SOO many books to read – and reading a book you already have read can therefore seem like a waste of time.. which is basically my excuse for not really rereading books.. :/

Still when all comes to all – reading is always a good idea and rereading should depend entirely on you and what you feel for.. So if you want to read Harry Potter twenty times in a row? Go for it! Want to never reread a book? that is ok too! As long as it is what you want! ❤

Do you like to reread books?

Lots of love – Anne Sofie



5 thoughts on “To read or not to read – Rereading?

  1. quiverquotes says:

    You’ve got some good points there.

    I reread few books/texts … mostly non-fiction that I can gain insight from, or poetry that’s just soothing for the soul. Fiction, unless it’s “freaking fabulous”, tends to be left out. I do highlight and mark the best sections of books, so those do get reread more often, especially if I’m hunting for a particular example of good writing, or trying to get into a similar mood before starting to write myself.

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  2. djemmand says:

    I enjoy rereading books that I love. I find I always reread poetry books and those that transports me to a new world that’s filled with wonderful emotions and amazing stories. What books do you reread?

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