Shadowhunter Academy #10 – Angels Twice Descending


Title: Angels Twice Descending

Published: November 17th 2015

Author(s): Cassandra Clare & Robin Wasserman

First published as: E-book

Collection: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

My rating: ★★★★★

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The time has come… DUN.. DUN.. DUUUUNNNNN!!! We have FINALLY come to THE LAST OF THE SHADOWHUNTER NOVELLAS! If you don’t know, I have been going through and reviewing all of the Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy short stories and now the time has come to review the tenth and last novella: Angels Twice Descending

If you have not read these novellas yet (or read any of the Shadowhunter books) you can click here to read my first review and introduction to these short stories without getting spoiled.

But now without further ado lets continue with this review!


In this last novella the time has come for Simon and the other mundane academy students to ascend and become shadowhunters by drinking from the mortal cup. This is, however, VERY dangerous and only the most worthy survive. So before all this happens Simon goes back home, to his mom, to his sister, and to Isabelle. After spending the night with Isabelle, Simon goes bak to the academy – ready to ascend. Everything is very sentimental, but the weight of what is to come has also scared some of the mundane students away – but not Simon nor George or Marisol. They are ready. The time for the ceremony comes. Everyone is there for the first ascension in a very long time, but when the time comes to drink from the mortal cup, someone lives, and someone dies.


I will continue the spoiler free review below the discussion, so I will see all of you non spoilers down there 😉

***SPOILERS START HERE*** (see you below non spoilers)


The beginning with George being all sentimental was so sweet and funny and truly perfect! But yeah throughout this novella I was so scared who was going to die of them. Because someone ALWAYS has to die in Cassie Clare’s books. And with people ditching and running away like that? It set me quite on edge.


Then Simon visited his mother. This was a sweet but also a little bitter scene for me.. Just because I am not the biggest fan of Simon’s mother after how she reacted when she found out he was a vampire.. But she apologized! And THAT was good ❤ I would have loved seeing a scene with him and his sister Rebecca though.. She was the sweetest and the coolest back when everything happened with the vampire thing!

However, I am glad he left, so he could find Izzy ❤ I do not think I need to say much other than DAAAAMMMNNNN!!! YAAASSSS! WOOOOHOOOO!!! FINALLYYYYYY!!!! We had all been waiting for this for SO long and it was just *signs with hands clapt together* Perfect!

Then came the time for the ascending, and while it was exciting and all with everybody being there, I was getting more and more anxious for who was going to die. I just HAD a feeling it was going to be George.. and I was right.

I was so happy for Simon getting all of his memories back and I was in 100% fingerling mode. I mean, who might he be now when he has all of his memories? I was just SO excited for him and clary, and Izzy.

But then it happened. I don’t know about you guys, but I knew, as soon as Simon gave George that highfive, that he was going to die. And it broke my heart! I cried SOO hard. And the way Simon reacted?!! My goodness it was like getting stabbed RIGHT IN THE HEART! And I mean I had expected dying from the mortal cup was painful.. but that right there was intense and violent! I mean it just happened SO fast and Simon didn’t even get to say goodbye 😥


The ending at the London institute made me cry again.. YES a Lovelace is always welcome at the London institute, and that made my heart swell and break at the same time ❤ It was rather perfect. Seeing Jessamine with George.. they are going to be great together. My heart could not bear if this would be the end of the Lovelace line.. I was so excited when I learned that Jessamine was not the last heir, but George was.. And then everything happened and I was SO sad again. It was like twisting the knife. So Simon choosing his last name to be Lovelace was perfect. It made ma cry but also smile.. while crying.. But it really was the perfect name for him and the perfect way to end this story ❤

Here are some more Sizzy pictures because I have so many I want to share before ending this series!!


This novella was absolutely AMAZING. It made me laugh, cry and gave me the craziest feels! I highly recommend everyone who is a fan of the shadowhunter books to read these novellas, and read them before the dark artifices!

Based on all that is wonderful and not so wonderful in this story, I rate Angels Twice Descending by Cassandra Clare ★★★★★ stars. It was extraordinary and wonderful and I cannot recommend you all reading it enough!

I hope you have enjoyed this review series – I sure have – now lets see what the next thing will be!

Lots of love – Anne Sofie


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