Book review – Never Fade


Title: Never Fade

Published: October 15th 2013

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Published by: Disney-Hyperion

Series: The Darkest Minds

My rating: ★★★★☆

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I finally read Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken nearly one year after reading the fist book in this series: The Darkest Minds. I went into this book pretty septical as I for some reason did not remember TDM very fondly.. which is weird because I originally rated it five stars on goodreads.. anyway I finally pulled it together and read it.. and it was EPIC!

In a futuristic dystopian America the virus IAAN killed 98% of the children. The remaining 2% started developing super powers and in fright the government send them into workcamps – not unlike the nazi ones in WWII. Ruby was very young when she was put into Thurmond – the worst of the camps. Now years late a lot has happened and even more is happening. After everything that happened in The Darkest Minds an unstable and depressed Ruby must find her place at the Children’s League and go on a dangerous secret mission to get what she wants the most.

This novel is action-packed and will make you sit at the edge of the seat with excitement. I has the whole package: action, romance, heartbreak, humor, and SO MANY FEELS! Backen has a way of surprising you when you think things cannot get any worse or better she unless a twist and BAM! things just get even more ridiculously impossible and absurd. It is brilliant!

I am not the world’s biggest fan of Ruby as we are VERY different. But I care about the girl and even though she is not the most relatable character ever you cannot help but want things to work out for her. The other characters – especially the new ones – are also super interesting and the character development in this book was really great as well.

This is a pretty typical dystopian trilogy but the writing is VERY GOOD and the plot is ever interesting and catching.

I highly recommend reading this book as it is absolutely breathtaking and will keep you entertained for 507 awesome pages.

Based on the idea, plot, characters, writing and quality as well as my overall experience I give Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken ★★★★☆

It was fabulous and a must read for dystopian fans (and non-dystopian fans)!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Lots of love – Anne Sofie


4 thoughts on “Book review – Never Fade

  1. femaleinferno says:

    I too read ‘The Darkest Minds’ over a year ago and have only recently moved the rest of the books in this series to the top of my TBR. There are so many great series that I have not continued to read only because a colourful shiny new release has distracted me – but this year I’m making a concerted effort to catch up on all those unread books and ‘slay that series!’ Glad to read your review and hear that ‘Never Fade’ is a fantastic read! Can’t wait to get to it next… thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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