Let’s talk about music! – Music when reading?

Music plays a big role in my life. I listen to it everywhere at all times! I just need or at least love to have a soundtrack to my life.

That also applies to when I am reading. Whenever I think of a book or a series there will always pop a song into my head that I listened to at the time that I read it.

BUT I have found that not everyone is like me (a big surprise that was). Some needs COMPLETE SILENCE to be able to read, others are like me and can read in public with children screaming or people talking to me, and just focus 100% on the reading without being bothered the least.

No matter what type of reader you are, here are the top five of my current music obsessions:

Mattafix – Big City Life

I found this song while browsing for new/undiscovered music the other day and I AM OFFICIALLY ADDICTED! The vibe this song gives off is like waves of highness that keeps on blowing you away. Yes, I am aware that this song is pretty old.. but I love it!

The 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack

Going from something old to something brand new – the Thirteen Reasons Why soundtrack has won my heart. I have not watched the series yet as I want to read the book first and to take my time doing it, but I am enjoying this soundtrack to the fullest! With Selena Gomez starting off the whole thing, how can you not?! Every song just has this underlying power that I love.

Ansel Elgort – Thief

This is a song that I have known for quite a while but only just came to love and enjoy it recently. The bass on this track is TO DIE FOR and I am actually quite keen on Elgort’s singing voice! Anyway I am at least pretty addicted to it right now.. as in today.. and probably the next four-six next days.. ❤

Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holding’ Me Back

This surprise Shawn Mendes single is my EVERYTHING right now! It was the PERFECT surprise for a grey Thursday when you are sick with pneumonia (as I am right now). I really don’t think I need to say much more than THIS SINGLE GIVES ME LIFE!

AJR – What Everyone Is Thinking

You might know the song Weak by AJR – that was what I did for quite a while.. but one day I thought I would see what other songs they have written, as weak was my lady jam!, and it was one of my BEST decisions in a LONG time. Their EP What Everyone Is Thinking is my favorite thing ever right now! It is so personal and the songs are all amazing! I started listening to it in Rome last Friday and I have hardly pressed pause on it ever since. I am obsessed and I do not see this obsession fading any soon. Normally one would have a favorite song on an EP like that, but they are all so good that it is impossible for me to choose!

Do you like to listen to music when you read? Do write a current music obsession top five list in the comments!

Also as a little runner up that I think needs some love as well is Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. I love this new style Harry is approaching and this song is FIRE!! I just needed to say that 😉

Happy Friday!

Love – Anne Sofie


One thought on “Let’s talk about music! – Music when reading?

  1. Amber says:

    Such a great idea for a post!! By the way, I’m one of those people that can’t read in public unless it’s pretty quiet, so I find the fact that you can super impressive!! PS, Loved 13 Reasons Why! I will have to listen to the soundtrack!

    Liked by 1 person

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