I am alive! – Update

Hi guys!

I’m alive!

and back!

I am definitely back now 😉

The thing is I had to take a one month blogging break to bounce back strong and motivated, as I am doing now. Besides that I also just had to focus on school and getting perfect grades before the year was over.

BUT NOW I AM BACK YOU GUYS!! and I am hella excited to be so! I have A TON of amazing books I have been reading this past mont that I just need to share with you guys!

Also now I am practically on summer break (I only have to be at the school for my three exams which are spread out over the next month), so I have PLENTY of time to blog and read 😉

I am currently reading ACOWAR btw ❤ I am buddy reading it with my bookstagram bestie Sofie (@bittenbybooks) and it is AMAZING. We get to fangirl sooo much and damn it is good!

Anyway happy Friday and happy weekend yay!

See you all tomorrow for my first real post in a month ❤


– Anne Sofie ❤


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