The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Are you ready for a fabulous book tag? I am, and it is going to be filled with the most beautiful books!

This tag was created by Book Syrup on youtube, and you can find her video here.

1. Best color combo on a book cover


Though I don’t own many of them, I love galaxy book covers. I just love how it looks with the shiny dust jackets. So yeah.. if I see a galaxy book cover.. I just CANNOT resist! I need it on my shelf and for pictures!

2. Best typography/font on a book cover

I am like the HUGEST typography nerd and love to make my own fonts as well. So I basically have two favorites for this one. One which graphic style I personally like the best and one that I just think is brilliantly made. The first one it the typography used on the Lorien Legacies books. It is just minimalistic and classic. The other one is the Harry Potter signature font that has become a huge part of the brand now.

3. Best simple cover


I LOOOOOOVE the cover of Wonder by R. J. Palacio! It introduces Auggie in the perfect way and is still appealing to look at ❤ Pssst.. there may, may not be a coming review on Wonder tomorrow 😉

4. Best endpages

The end pages in my Barnes and Nobles leather bound edition of Alice in Wonderland make my heart swell with happiness! They are just so cute!

5. Best map


When I saw the map in my Slytherin 20th Anniversary Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book I literally screamed. It is just… EEEEEEK!!! So yeah, it is easily the best map I own. It is also handy for when I finally get my Hogwarts letter and have to find my way around there.

6. Best naked hardback


To me there are no naked hardbacks more beautiful than the Lorien Legacies ones. They are just STUNNING! I love the metallic designs against the black book.. just WOW.

7. Best back cover


For this one I must yet again choose my leather bound copy of Alice in Wonderland. The illustrations are just too cute and perfect for the book!

8. Best chapter headers


Though I actually listened to A Game of Thrones, and practically have not toughed my physical copy of it, I love the chapter headers in it! They are simple but adorable – which does not really match what happens in the book, but whatever!

9. Best illustrations

NO QUESTION THIS ONE GOES OUT TO An Illustrated History of Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld. The illustrations are nothing short of GORGEOUS and it is so hun to read about all the characters. You can read my review on it here.

10. Best spine


Gosh there are MANY for this one. I am a huge spine person – If the spine is not pretty, it has no place on my bookshelf.. It is as simple as that 😉 But for this one I must go with my Simon and Schuster edition of Lady Midnight. Its stunning spine is simply irresistible!

11. Favorite cover on your shelves


This. Was. SO. Hard. To. Decide! BUT, when I decided on my favorite(s), it became very clear to me. I ADORE the covers for the Illuminae files series. They are innovative with their plastic dust jackets and graphic design and their beauty is undeniable.

12. Tag 3 friends to do this tag

First I would love to see Julie at bogfeber do this tag. I am also tagging the one and only Fiona at bookwormwholived. Lastly I am tagging YOU! So go ahead and DO THIS TAG! It is super fun and also challenging because there are SO MANY beautiful books out there!

Hope you enjoyed this tag as I did doing it!

Ice cream and sundresses

– Anne Sofie


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