Review – SKAM live theater

I went to see the SKAM theater play and it blew me away!

The popular Norwegian tv-series SKAM that last year took teenagers all over the world by storm, has been made into a live theater at Aveny-T in Copenhagen. The play premiered the 15th of September this year and it has been raining with positive reviews and good criticism ever since. Last Wednesday I went to see it for myself and it was so good that I have not been able to think about anything else ever since! The performance is still spinning around in my head on repeat.

The play is the first of four: one for each season. So as in season one of the SKAM tv-show, we follow Eva as the main character. The cast consists only of the most important characters being: Noora, Vilde, Jonas, Isak, Sana, Chris and William.

What I actually loved the most about the play was the way, they had adapted it to theater. I did not expect it to be like the show, and it was not. The plot was the almost exact same, but as the platform changes from tv to theater, so does the way the plot is presented to the audience. They choose for there to be a narrator at all times, and for the characters to take turns playing this role. Do not let this scare you away because TRUST ME it is AWESOME and funny and BRILLIANT !

The actors are incredibly talented and portray the roles of the original SKAM characters phenomenally well. Though they do not all look exactly alike the show’s characters, there is no doubt, who is supposed to be who, because the eight actors just do their jobs so well!

The show is in general fantastic and innovative playing with new ways of performing using technology and wit. The script is well written and is both a lot like the tv-series while being entirely its own at the same time. I loved the humor and how they were not afraid to be too much and provocative.

If I could go watch the show again right at this moment, I would. I would drop everything to see it again. It was simply that good! There is really not much more praise I can give than saying BRAVO Aveny-T and SKAM to a fabulous show! I give it ★★★★★ out of five as I JUST COULN’T GET ENOUGH!

I highly recommend go seeing the show if you get the chance. If you live too far away to go see it and have not yet watched the tv-series, then I hope you will watch it, as it is just fantastic!

Lots of love

– Anne Sofie


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