Book review – Educating Rita


Title: Educating Rita

Published: January 1st 1981

Author: Willy Russel

Published by: Samuel French, Inc.

My rating: ★★★★★

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What is this? you might think. Have I, Anne Sofie, started being all posh and reading classical literature? Or stage plays so to speak. The answer is no. I have started in the second year in the Danish high school and with that follows books like these… and I am loving every second of it!

Educating Rita is a play by Willy Russel about the uneducated woman Rita who comes to the alcoholic professor Frank at the open university to change herself and her life. The entire play basically consists of Rita’s and Frank’s classes and them chatting back and fourth about life and literature.

It all may sound rather plain, but the play is written in such a witty and brilliant way while still dealing with the issues of class difference in britain that it all ads up to an absolutely brilliant experience. I definitely feel like the play has thought me loads of thing and it has actually also motivated me to start reading more classical literature!

I highly recommend reading Educating Rita – it is rather short so there is really no excuse not to!

I give Educating Rita by Willy Russel ★★★★★

It is not five HUGE stars but still five stars!

The script made me laugh, cry, despise and think. It woke all sorts of feeeling really and it is also the kind of play you think about long after finishing reading it.

I am going to see the play live on October 30th, and I promise to tell you how it was then ❤

Best autumn wishes

– Anne Sofie


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