Film review: Wonder

A week ago I wen’t to the Danish press projection of the up coming film adaption of R. J. Palacio’s bestselling book Wonder from 2012. I have been dead excited to watch this film ever since the trailer came out, and I kid you not when I say that I squealed with excitement when I got the invitation from the Danish publishing house Alvilda to go see the film.

The Wonder film officially premiered November 17th 2017, but in Denmark it does not come out until the 3rd of January 2018. Directed by Stephen Chbosky and featuring actors like Jacob Tremblay as the main character Auggie, Julia Roberts as Auggie’s mom Isabel, Owen Wilson as Auggie’s dad Nate, and Izabela Vidovic as Auggie’s sister Via, the movie was bound to be extraordinary! I was not wrong 🙂

The film is about a boy named Auggie who was born with an unlucky gene combination causing his face to be terribly deformed. Through his childhood he has gone through countless surgeries that has helped him see, hear, smell, talk and eat. Now Auggie is doing well, and is under the influence of his parents Isabel and Nate going to start in the 5th grade in a real school for the first time. Auggie has to learn how to make friends and make people see that though his looks are peculiar, he is a normal boy beneath the surface.

Wonder is a touching story that both children as well as adults can enjoy. It deals with diversity, love, and family, and teaches kids that it is great to be unique! I was terrified that the producers would get this film entirely wrong when comparing it with the book, but it was WONDERful 😉 It captured all the important elements of Palacio’s touching novel and made me both laugh and cry. The acting – especially on Tremblay’s behalf, is fantastic and believable, the script is well-written and the production is generally extraordinary.

Wonder is most certainly both a must read and now also a must watch! Therefore I rate the Wonder film ★★★★★ out of five.

Again thank you to Alvilda for inviting me to see the film – and if you are from Denmark, the Wonder book can be found here. You can also find my English review of the book here.

Lots of love and happy holidays wishes

– Anne Sofie


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