To read or not to read: Several books at once

Hi guys!

Today’s post is all about books, but more specifically LOTS of books at once. I am not a month into 2.g (which is like 12th school year in Denmark) and I am truly starting to feel the stress and pressure – It is not too much though. Anyway what I am getting at is that I myself am reading one book of my free will at the moment, but at the same time I am reading FOUR BOOKS for school. Don’t get me wrong, they are all great! But it can be a bit confusing switching back and fourth between the five really good and interesting books. And that my ladies and gentlemen is what inspired this post. So read on for a discussion on the pros and cons of reading one or more books at once!

What it really comes down to, is whether you are good at readjusting between the different books. I personally find it challenging to switch back and forth between books and have always been a one book at a time kind of person. When you read only one book at a time, you can just munch down the whole book at once without any other story interfering in the back of your mind. Thereby I find that I get a stronger and more emotional experience reading the book.

But if you can actually put one book away and pick up another without the two plots mixing together and creating confusion, reading more books at once is great. You can have a book for your moods; one for when you are happy, when you’re sad and then one for when you want to challenge yourself to read something a little heavier.

One thing, I have learned from reading this many books at once, is that the stories all make you feel a different way and that they change quite a bit when you break them down into pieces and really get to digest them instead of just binging one entire book after the other. Because through reading a whole book super fast can be extremely satisfying and leave you completely breathless, you don’t really get to digest all the work that has been put into every single chapter  this way. Instead you just get one overall experience.

Exactly that is the reason why I sometimes like to read books more slowly and not spend an entire day just reading. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE binge reading, but someties stepping back and taking a break from the book, can make you see things that you would not see otherwise. This way you can also make theories for what is about to happen and maybe solve whatever there is to solve before time – which I think is fantastic.

No matter what you should ALWAYS do what feels best for you! If you like reading two, three or seven books at once, GO YOU! you be you an no-one else! When I finish these five books, I will most definitely go back to reading one book at the time, but who knows, maybe I will try reading two at once in the future ❤

Lots of love and autumn vibes

– Anne Sofie


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