Book review – Wonder

Title: Wonder Published: February 14th 2014 Author: R. J. Palacio Published by: Knopf My rating: ★★★★☆ Buy it here Underrated It is funny how an impulse purchase that has sit on your shelf for more than a year and was then impulsively picked up to read again can not just change you, but completely melt … Continue reading Book review – Wonder


Underrated: The Illuminae Files – DISTINCTION!!

The Oscars might be over but the giving of awards is not 😉 A while back when I updated my star rating system I also announced that I was introducing two new special titles that I could reward books: Golden Star ⭐️ Prize and the Underrated distinction. Well it is now time for me to put the … Continue reading Underrated: The Illuminae Files – DISTINCTION!!